Club Information

Victorian Incorporated Association Registration No. A0002759P

Community Organisation Declaration No. 57748

ABN 57 422 155 189



Five good reasons to become a Club Member.

  1. We are a group of friendly like minded people who share a common interest in fishing.
  2. We have a great program for involving juniors.
  3. Thru our regular competitions we give you a great excuse to go fishing !
  4. After fishing we have a wiegh in that incorporates a bbq and refreshments.
  5. We can help you become a more successful fisherman.

This year our club will be holding;

  • 5 Snapper competitions
  • 4 Whiting competitions
  • 3 Junior competitions
  • 2 Open competitions
  • 2 Fresh water competitions
  • 2 Estuary competitions as well as other activites and excursions.

We refer to this as our Club Syllabus and this changes from year to year depending on the members wishes.

We ask that if you are looking to join our club that you come along and attend 3 club meetings and fish with the

club on two occasions, or attend two weigh in's.

Membership forms and costs will be presented in person.